Cutty’s – “Home of the Skillfully Crafted Sandwich”

My husband and I spent a combined 16 years living in Brookline, MA before moving to our current home.  The best of those years for me, were the ones we spent together, exploring this little piece of the city and all it has to offer.  Brookline sits right outside of Boston just beyond Fenway Park and boasts adorable brown stone apartments, cute shops and parks and LOTS of excellent eateries.

I mean – lots.  One of our favorite places to dine and spend time was Brookline Village.  It’s got multiple pizza joints, an old school diner, sandwich shops, southern BBQ, multiple authentic Italian restaurants, coffee shops, a few taqueria’s, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Venezuelan spots.  I’m sure I’m missing others too… one could go on a worldly culinary tour in this section of town.

This weekend I ventured back and hit up Cutty’s on 284 Washington Street – the “Home of the Skillfully Crafted Sandwich”. These guys joined the block back in 2010  and are a sixteen seat sandwich shop serving both breakfast and lunch.  Owners Rachel and Charles don’t take any shortcuts.  They get all of their dairy from local farms, use all natural meats and make all of their sauces, salads, chips and sweets in-house.  It’s casual dining, at it’s best.  You walk up to the counter to order and then before you know it you’re handed a bright orange cafeteria style tray with sandwiches perched atop.  The one and only difficult thing about dining at Cutty’s is deciding on what to order…  Today we did brunch.  And we did it right.


My suggestion to help with decision making is to dine with a pal and do something my husband and I refer to as “splitsies”. This way you get to try more than one thing.  And trust me, you’ll want to.  My gal pal Simone joined me today; and lucky for me she happily accepted my offer to do a little split-a-roo.  I ordered the “eggs-benedict-wich” and she got the “red flannel hash” sandwich.  Both were divine.

The eggs benny sandwich was on an english muffin.  That perfectly toasted, nook and cranny muffin was topped with scrambled eggs, brown-butter hollandaise, and thinly sliced niman ranch ham.  I’m not sure what niman ranch ham even is, but it was sliced paper thin and it was perfectly crispy… and with that hollandaise sauce?  Dang.  So good.


The red flannel sammie was on a brioche bun.  This sandwich started with crispy beet/potato/beef hash and was topped with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and truffle ketchup.  That’s right – I said truffle ketchup.  That @(#$ was really flipping good.  ‘Scuse my french, but did you hear all of that?!


We chatted and caught up until the sandwiches came and then we mostly just ate and talked about how exceptional every bite was. In addition to being absolutely delicious, it was also quite affordable.  The two sandwiches along with two glasses of freshly squeezed OJ came to $22.04.  I can handle that.

I’d do brunch at Cutty’s any day of the week, but I also caught a glimpse of what’s on the lunch menu and was prit-ty intrigued.  We’ll be coming back again soon, for sure.

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