Crispy Apple Chips

Lately, I feel like I have been on the go like whoa.  Constantly.

Work has been hectic and we have kept a busy calendar of fun activities with our family and friends.  It’s been an incredible summer and one that I am terribly sad is coming to an end.  With all of the fun though, comes the challenge of making healthy food choices along the way.  Unless you’re planning appropriately and ahead of time it’s tough, heck it’s tough sometimes even when you are!  If you’re like me, the prepping ahead doesn’t always happen perfectly, but a few healthy go-to’s can help.

These apple chips… are where it’s at.  I’ve been keeping these on hand for a snacks and breakfast on the go. They crunch like a potato chip, but they are an APPLE. Literally JUST APPLE.

Ingredients n’ thangs:

  • Apples.  I used Gala, but any hard apple will do. Granny Smith’s are probably amazing.
  • Cookie/baking sheet
  • Non-stick cooling rack.

Preheat your oven to 185 degrees.

Peel your apples, core them and then slice thinly.  Place them on the cooling rack side by side leaving room so that the pieces don’t touch one another.  Place the cooling rack into a baking sheet in case any of them end up falling through.



Pop them in the oven (here’s the kicker) for 3 hours give or take.  The sad part is that it takes a while, but the happy part is that you do not need to watch them, turn them, peak at them or do anything at all.  Just let them be!

I slice them pretty thinly and you should too.  If they are thicker they will likely just take longer and may not get quite as crunchy.  The apples will first get very soft and begin to shrink.  From there they will start to dry out.  They may not feel quite as crunchy while still in the oven, but once you take them out and let them come to room temperature they will crisp right up.


Store in a cool dry place.  Tupperware works really well.  I’m not quite sure how long they last, but I would guess at least about a week or two.  I doubt they even last that long anyways – they are that good!

Hope you like these little guys as much as I do!

Let me know!  And follow me on Instagram @mymorningbite for more!


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